Sunday, July 12, 2009

Its horseshoe crabs!! a.k.a belangkas..

I am 'checking' the horseshoe crabs in one of the tanks...~very excited!

This morning, Erah n me went to see our supervisor, Dr Noraznawati for our final year project on horseshoe crabs. My topic was 'Isolation and identification of bioactive compounds from book gills of two of horseshoe crabs, T. gigas and C. rotundicauda.' I have to extract, screen and identify the bioactive compounds that can be found in book gills of horseshoe crabs. So, how am i going to do it? ~let me study first..hehe. Later on, i'm gonna share more...~

Ok, after short brief about our topic by Dr Azna, we went to the 'Hatchery Air Masin' of UMT behind the Akuatrop building. There were 3 tanks which were filled with horseshoe crabs! I'm kind of excited when I first saw horshecrab~alive!! Our senior, which is also Dr Azna assistant, Mr Mustaqim 'catch' a couple of horseshoe crabs to show and teach us on how to differentiate between male and female horseshoe crabs.

There are 3 differences that come out.
  1. Male horseshoe crab was smaller than female and it always be at the back of tha female.
  2. The front 'sepit' of male is almost like crabs, but female one is abit longer..~dunno how to explain, better look at those pictures~
  3. To differentiate the species between T. gigas and C. rotundicauda, look at the size and tail. It's different..^^
The female horseshoe crab..~look in the circle and compare to the male below~

The male of horseshoe crabs ~look in the circle and compare to female above~

Now, i am very excited to start my project! This gonna be very interesting. Hopefully I will success in my final year and also my future. No lazy, no play2, no 'xtra' sleep..just work hard and always enjoy what u r doing! I'll do my best! ~GAMBATTE!~

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